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  1. Intelligence

    One central place that acts as Virtual CFO. Prediction recommendations, payments analysis, reminders of over due collections and risks.

  2. Connect with bank

    Use bank account data to fill the gap between accounting software and actual payments to see timely cashflow.

  3. Predictions using machine learning

    You can add predictions manually or you can use our automated Machine Learning recommendations.

  4. Real-time view

    Always see up-to-date cashflow with automatic synchronization.

  5. Play with scenarios

    See how different ideas of how to develop your business will affect your cashflow.

  6. Coming soon!

    Invoicing / Expenses

    Create invoices or manage expenses. Cashflow automatically counts all those transactions and Intelligence reminds you if something is wrong.

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Our mission

Our mission at Ebitly is to give smaller groups and businesses access to proper financial management tools.

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